Tips for Saving Archer's Skills in KO

2009-Jul-20, 06:53

Hello dear players , welcome to Mmooffers !

Here are som tips for help you to save your archer's skills when you are playing in , please have a look at what do it delivers to you :

1. Now a simple way for you to follow with : spam lightning/ice arrow while running away using minor heal and hp pot.

2. You can run away, heal up and spam click town.

3. It is recommend to use your archer advantage to go aside and hide .
4. Try to find yourself a k0xper , you can panic and town and k0xp him back

5. You can use ice arrow and lightning arrow, run to him and combo him to death. This is really good because as archer you do not have enough defense to survive a truly working archer combo.

Thanks for reading and welcome next time !

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Warrior Guide for KO RLB

2009-Jul-20, 06:52

Hello players , welcome to Mmooffers !


This time I will give you a very detailed guide for Warrior in RLB , If you want to make a warrior in RLB but do not know how to do with it , you can read the following guide as a reference !


1. Stat setup

255 str
rest hp

2. Skill setup

The best setup for RLB warrior would be: 60 attack, 9 master, 5 berserk and rest in def, however if you don't want to reskill just do it like this:
69 attack
5 berserk
9 master
rest in def

3. Gear

1) If you are poor :
Get shells +1 rev
Rappy +1 rev
mirage +1 rev
an II +1 rev and a dual wield
Giga - out of option, for RLB you need damage.
You want to hit as strong as possible.

2) If you are rich there are 2 options
Chitins or even shells +8
Or, the 1 that I like more
Shells +7 and uniques
Poor uniques if you dont have money for the good ones:
WP, WE, diamond rings, belt of str
Expensive ones:IN, IB, ROCs, PEs

Things that are necessary for a warrior in RLB: Resist potions(flame,lightning,glacier) and Scrolls 

With warrior nicely geared and all, you can add some HP uniques, use undy set abit more often, tank towers and so on .

Thanks for reading and have a good time in this game !

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Some Tips for Healer of KO Priest

2009-Jul-20, 06:52

Dear players , welcome to Mmooffers !

If you want to be a priest in , there are some important tips as a healer that you should know , please read the following tips listed below and hope they will be helpful for you .
1. If your opponent is tough look who will be hit first and start casting earlier.

2. You should know how much max HP has every party member and use proper healing.

3. REAL heal time = casting time+LAG

4. When fighting bosses use continuous healing and mana pots

5. In PvP use two times bigger healing than it is your party member damage taken.

6. Don’t just click on party members names and heal. Look what is going around You. It doesn’t matter if you heal guy that have 20% HP left but he is safe , heal other party members who are facing danger .

Thanks for reading and enjoy yourself in this game !

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Knight Online Build Suggestion

2009-Jul-20, 06:50


Dear players , welcome to Mmooffers !

Are you palnning to build some NP in , so you must know what weapon and the uniques you should buy . Let's see the suggetion that given by DazedLunatic :


1. WP+0 = 600m so hold off on that for now

2. Kek belt+0 = no clue, check KoK

3. Earrings: +12str/1hp are fine...theyll be like 350m total though

4. Quest rings are fine until you can get either dual DR+0 or fov+0

5. Chitin+1 rebirth for now, until you have to rebirth upgrade or get +3-+5

6. Glave+5rb or higher or rappy+1rb-+4rb (will have to upgrade to +4rb) , wouldnt recommend going dual wield until you can get toto8/hanguk7 or toto8/graham8

Thanks for reading !

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